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‘Shocking’ levels of salt, fat and sugar found in takeaways

A Local Government study into two of the UK’s most popular takeaway dishes has revealed ‘shocking’ levels of salt, sugar, colourings and fat, as well as bogus meat.

Global cookery courses for all budding chefs at Bridge 67

The Family Cook Day is a great way of introducing children to the kitchen, the how and what of meals and learning the valuable safety lessons from an early age

One cookbook, 5 years, 17 classrooms and 50,000 miles later

June 2012 will see 37 pupils leave the humdrum of Glasgow and travel over 5,200 miles (one way) to Malawi, to continue a twin-ship unlike many on the planet

Cookery school has Asian food craic’ed

With an emphasis towards comprehensive cooking courses in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, Brennan’s Cookery School in Eire offers a plethora of classes