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A recipe for success on cookerycourses.co.uk

Recipes give you the prep time, ingredients and method, but not a lot about what good the meal does you. That’s what we hope to change on cookerycourses.co.uk

Oliver Peyton OBE – restaurateur, entrepreneur, gentleman

It seemed a natural springboard, once he’d dipped his entrepreneurial toe into the end-user market, to import beverages for resale onto others within the trade.

Unilever to instigate UK healthy eating out campaign

The answers were not only an eye-opener as to how clued up customers are, but also by how far the catering industry was missing its target audience’s tastes.

Where do chefs go to learn to cook? To the pub, of course!

In the drive for the hospitality trade to set out its stall as a genuine opportunity for careers, Chef School has got to be one of the better courses out there.

Hosptality and Tourism Summit announces inaugural event

One of the aspects will be to highlight the virtues of the sector and how it can be grown to an extent that it becomes an attractive proposition for job seekers.

Greene King launches on-line courses for hospitality

One of the problems pubs have traditionally had, as well as actually keeping their businesses afloat with current taxation levels on beer, is staff retention.