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Kenwood offering 12 ‘disaster’ chefs online cookery tuition

Each of the baking dozen will receive a Kenwood Chef Titanium food mixer, online cookery classes and a hamper of ingredients delivered to their door every week.

British Wine Week – a new side to grasping growing grape

Some critics are appraising English Wine positively, whilst others try to hand it the Phantom of the Opera’s mask as they daresn’t look upon its countenance.

Hosptality and Tourism Summit announces inaugural event

One of the aspects will be to highlight the virtues of the sector and how it can be grown to an extent that it becomes an attractive proposition for job seekers.

Sustainable cookery demo at Westmill Wind Farm this June

This summer holidays’ cookery courses promise to be bigger and better than ever as the addition of another kitchen sees the school able to offer 240 spaces.

Out with the lentils – vegetarian cookery schools go gourmet

Let’s get one thing totally clear: the vegetarian diet is no longer a bowl of lentil soup with a few herbs dashed in; it has gone Gourmet.

Locally-sourced and foraged ingredients for your veggie bbq

Given that there are almost 2M strict veggies in the UK, when throwing a dinner party or barbeque, at least one of the guests will be vegetarian or even vegan.

Vegetarian meals out – it’s all a matter of scale

In pubs & restaurants, 85% of menus promote fish as being the main vegetarian choice; the issue is that only 3% of vegetarians actually eat our finned friends.

Edinburgh’s hidden cookery school gem

So if you fancy learning to cook in an estate that boasts 700 years of fine dining history Coulston Cookery School seems to have it all wrapped up.

Free cookery courses on offer for Loughborough women

The courses, indeed, the LWEN group, exist to enable women living in somewhat inaccessible areas of the borough to come together and share their experiences.

Get out your greens – it’s National Vegetarian Week

Just using your staple veg – no need to go on a mad shopping hunt to try to find the exotic and expensive – Rachel’s recommendation is the simple frittata.